Ways of Ensuring That a Bird Feeder Is Squirrel Proof

Most people have squirrels in their yards and killing all these squirrels is not an easy thing and therefore you have to look for some mechanisms that you can use to prevent them reaching the birds’ feeders. There are several companies that make these feeders and therefore when choosing a company to buy a feeder from ensure that the company has a good reputation in selling bird feeders that are squirrel proof. On the other hand you have to know that it is not easy for one to completely keep the squirrels away from the birds’ feeder because it is here where they want to feed from. Due to this you find squirrels destroying these feeders when they have seen food and this is no something that you can easily prevent especially when you are not at home. The only solution in this case is that the birds’ feeders should be made using the strong materials which these squirrels cannot break through. The three keys below will enable you to get a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Quality of construction

How is your feeder constructed and what are the materials used to construct it? In fact the quality of materials used to construct your feeder matters a lot and they should be the first thing to consider when looking for these construction materials. In most cases squirrels can easily tear away bird feeders that are made of low quality materials. Squirrels are very destructive animals; therefore, do not give them a chance to destroy your feeder. They want to feed on the food that you have preserved for your birds and therefore they will use all means to ensure that they get this food. Buying cheap feeders means that you want squirrels to feed also from the birds’ feeders. Ensure that you buy a bird feeder that is well constructed and with quality materials to prevent the squirrels from reaching the food.

The kind of birds you are attracting also matters

There are several kinds of birds in the world and all these birds have different feeding habits and desire certain habitats. Ensure that you know the kind of bird feeder that you are buying and it must match with the birds that you have at your home or the birds that you want to attract. There are several forms of the squirrel proof feeders and therefore you need to be careful in order to choose the best squirrel proof bird feeders. Find out more ideas here: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/squirrel-proof-bird-feeders/

Caring of the feeder or the feeding station

There are squirrel resistant designs of bird feeders in the market today and these are the kind of bird feeders that you need to go for. There are some bird feeders that are made in a complicated manner so that the squirrel cannot be able to reach inside and these are the kind of feeders that you need to buy. Avoid buying proof bird feeders for cardinals that are difficult to clean and maintain.