Bird Feeders – Creating a Bird Haven with the Right Feeders

Acquiring squirrel-proof bird feeders is an awesome way to enjoy seeing your backyard full of birds flying around. It is much better to have this kind of feeder than your existing feeder and can be perfect for your garden or yard. However, with so many feeders on the market, its is difficult to find the right ones for your garden. First of all, to find the perfect feeder, you have to look for feeders with the right kind of features before purchasing them. That said, it is much more important that you know how to keep your birds hanging around your garden.

The purpose of your bird feeders is to attract birds that you want in your backyard. There are birds that can be more attracted to a colorful feeders, like humming birds. They love nectar, and nectar is supplied naturally from the flowers in your garden. Flowers of different colors, too, attract birds and therefore birds need a colorful feeders, too.

Squirrel Proof bird feeders are of different design and colors. There feature designs perfect for hanging and others are for both hanging or ground mounted. Glass type designs are usually made of a special tube for the humming birds to drink. This needs to be hanged. Suet feeders may also have its own design just for woodpeckers, jays and the rest which are not being their comments a

Thistle feeders are for the small birds, too. This includes the redpolls, and goldfinches. These are specially designed to incorporate small holes in the feeders to allow these birds to gently gather the seeds. A pole or tree may provide a perfect location for this type. Hopper feeders, on the other hand, are known to be wonderful since it can hold a large number of bird food and still keep it dry and protected. Try to hang these feeders around 5 feet above the ground. Squirrel proof bird feeders need to be placed in different locations, depending on the type of the design. Some are even designed for hanging into a high areas more or less 8 feet above the ground.

Sunflower seed feeders are placed at more or less 5 feet from the ground. This is the type that allows you place them near to windows and observe them from inside your home. In this way, this kind of feeder is perfect for those who find it difficult to get out too much, but still wish to enjoy nature at its best.

Inviting birds to your backyard and garden provides you a way of connecting to nature – even if it’s ten degrees below outside. By giving shelter and food, you’re also playing a vital role in serving birds a source of food when lots of bird numbers are decreasing.

Bird Feeders

An appealing environment plus an amazing design of your bird feeders squirrel proof is a great of attracting birds. Backyards that are full of lawns would never attract as plenty of birds unlike a backyard filled of a mixture of perennials, trees and shrubs. It is much better, if you incorporate plants which are known as a favorite of the birds. For instance, you should plant nectar-rich plants for hummingbirds, or cedar waxwing kind of plants.
It’s a good idea to offer a mixture of different types of feeders, if possible.

More species of birds will arrive and have distinct tastes in terms of the food that is available and ways they can eat it. Some prefer to eat in an open type feeder close to the ground, where others will only feed from hangers higher up. So don’t be surprised that with the different types of that feeders you provide, will result in more species of birds being attracted to your garden.