Basic Backyard Bird Feeder Guide – Six Feeders You Need to Have

‘Garden for a Wildlife Celebration’ is commemorated in every month of May to encourage people to create a wildlife habitat in their backyard, farm, community, balcony, and even on their garden area.

However, birds always need food. Below is your guide on feeding birds the whole year round. This will help you to know more about when the feeding occurs, what types of feeder you would have, the size of your feeders, information about Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders, basic bird food, and how to clean bird feeders.

When DOES Feeding Occur?

Birds find it easier to catch natural good food coming from an insects and plants during late spring and all throughout summer season. Using bird feeders for cardinals throughout the year, still be best, especially in winter period.

What types of feeders should you have?

For a first timer and a new to having the right bird feeders in a backyard, it is natural to be confused, and not sure of your decision-making regarding to what are the best feeders you should have for your backyard. Bird feeders are plentiful on the market and can be found almost anywhere. But the problem is, you don’t know yet what is the ‘king of feeders’ to best fit your garden or backyard.see their advice at

Here’s the type of feeders from which you can choose, in addition Bird Feeders for Cardinals.

1. House or hopper feeders. These are very common types of feeder comprising a tiny roof that surrounds the seed, a platform having a walls.

2. Tube feeders. These are still common to in the market. It is a refillable tube of which have either holes. Most tube feeders are in a hanging position to prevent squirrels from stealing all the food.

3. Tray or platform feeders. Basically, these are feeders that are flat and always elevated on a pole giving a platform on which all the birds can locate and gather food from it. These can be placed on the ground too.

4. Window feeders. These are much smaller than any other which can be placed easily outside your window using suction cups and encourage the visiting birds to feed much closer to your window.

5. Suet feeders. This is basically a cage-like structure which holds suet made of fat, along with seeds and nuts.

6. Hummingbird or nectar feeders. These are basically flower-nectar feeders.

The size of your Feeders

For you to be able to have a lot of food to put into your feeders, such as bird feeders for cardinals, it is much better if your feeders are as large as possible. In this way, you can attract more birds in your garden and or to your backyard. You can also have more than one kind of feeder to maximize the chances of inviting birds to come to your garden. Purchase as many as you can so you could have more birds to visit into your garden.

Effective Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Squirrels are known to be the one of the biggest in terms of feeders as they have a tendency to completely empty the feeders of all their food, leaving the birds to go hungry. And it is pretty much guaranteed that, before any birds arrive for their morning feed, the squirrels will have already had their fill. But the good thing is that there are now vast numbers of Squirrel proof bird feeders which are far more effective in preventing these rodents of ruining the visiting birds’ breakfast and spoiling your viewing pleasure watching the birds fill themselves – one of the main reasons to attract birds into your backyard in the first place.

Backyard Bird Feeder Guide

The Basic Bird-Foods

You may not be aware, but there are a variety of birds living in the environment, which surrounds your home and different species prefer different foods. Accommodating their needs may help a lot. Try adding different seeds and checking to see which are popular, then add more of that type. For a start, try a mixture of nectar, seed mixes, black-oil sunflower, smorgasbord, suet, thistle and Nyjer.